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Danse Xpressions Dance Company

Danse Xpressions Dance Company, also known as DXDC, is a group of young passionate dancers that use their art to tell a story.  They consist of elite members of Danse Xpressions with the desire and talent to perform at a professional level. The group was formed in January 2014 in order to provide a safe and entertaining outlet for these dancers to learn the discipline and professionalism of the performing arts world. The group has performed on numerous stages for concerts, festivals, fund-raisers, and events.  Specializing in Jazz/Hip Hop, Contemporary and Afro-Caribbean dance styles, Danse Xpressions Dance Company aims to share their hearts, their story, and their love for the arts with the world. 

To request DXDC to perform at your next party, festival or showcase, please fill out the contact form.  


We Can't Wait to Dance For You!

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